User Testing & Research with Optimal Workshop

Optimal Workshop is a suite of tools for researchers and IAs to improve the UX of their products. In my role as Web Presence Manager at Century College, I designed, administered, and analyzed the results of several tests/studies. Working in higher education, there isn't a large budget for...well, any part of the college, but when … Continue reading User Testing & Research with Optimal Workshop

Designing a Revolving Door Study

In my role as Web Presence Manager at Century College, I've instituted regular sessions to gather user feedback regarding different features of the website and other applications on campus. In my role as programming director with UXPA-MN, I was lucky to get to meet with a lot of smart people doing cool things. I unabashedly … Continue reading Designing a Revolving Door Study

Testing Script

User testing scripts provide consistency and assist researchers. I've created scripts for use by a variety of testers, including training, relying on best practices for base creation. Why re-invent the wheel? Like any modern practitioner, my mindset and education was framed by people like Jakob Nielson and Steve Krug. Accordingly, my scripts for user testing … Continue reading Testing Script

Century College Program Page Redesign

Century College needed to jazz up their program pages to attract more students and make the information easier to follow. I managed the project across the departments, conducted research and created a wireframe/prototype in Axure.¬† Century College joined other institutions in digitizing their course catalog. As this project began to take off, it became clear … Continue reading Century College Program Page Redesign