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I’ve written in a freelance capacity for nearly ten years now. I love taking on new clients and learning more about their businesses. I find that it enriches not only my writing, but my awareness and ability to live an experiential life. It tunes me into things I might not consider before (like what kind of packaging style is this? Why did they structure their training in this way?).

I have experience writing and creating:

  • Web content/copy
  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Presentations and presentation summaries
  • Product descriptions
  • Training and product documentation

My digital strategy background gives me an innate understanding for search engine optimization (SEO) as well as how a piece works into the overall content strategy.

DegreeSight (Chief Content Officer)

Sunrise Packaging

Lean Workflows

Link – The Journal of Higher Education Web Professionals (Contributing Writer)

Dashe & Thomson (Freelance Blogger / QC)

Benovate (Healthcare Blogger / Social Messager)

Patch.com (Contributor)

The Metropolitan (Copy Editor / Contributor)

The archives for The Metropolitan are currently undergoing maintenance, resulting in broken links. They will be updated as soon as possible!

Press Publications (Contributor)

UWRF Public Relations (Intern)

Independent Writing

Sophia.com Training Modules