Who Am I?

I’m constantly seeking out new ways to develop as a professional and simply as a human being. This takes me down different routes–from making my own cheese to becoming a yoga teacher to volunteering as a navigator for under-privileged students–but they all help inform my perspective and broaden empathetic responses.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls with a double major in English and International Studies (to be honest, I added the latter for an excuse to travel abroad and have the credits count!). I knew I wanted to grow academically, and upon graduation immediately started a Master of Science program in Technical Communication at Metropolitan State University. I didn’t quite realize it at the time, but this would prove to be one of the most important points in shaping my professional life.

At Metropolitan State, I integrated two professional certificates (one in Project Management, the other in Design of User Experience) into my Masters coursework.  Upon graduation, I floated in different roles for a few months before returning to Metro State as a web strategist & communications specialist. From there, I’ve made my career in academia.

Academia presents a plethora of opportunities to those seeking them out. I’m able to interact with amazingly diverse student bodies, well-educated faculty and devoted staff members. People work in this industry because they want to be here; they’re motivated by the incredible benefits and feelings that come from helping others succeed in life.

I bring this can-do attitude to all projects and workplaces. As much as I love the campus atmosphere, I’m taking these skills into the private sector and to enterprise software.

PS I’m usually down for coffee and chatting more about UX, yoga, charcuterie… 😉

PPS I also teach yoga on the side –  if you’re looking for that stuff, it’s over at Minnesconsin Yoga!

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