Yoga North Website Optimization

A Duluth-based yoga studio needed to revise their website to meet the needs of a wider user base as they grew their offerings and programs.

In my yoga training, I interact with a variety of studios with varying degrees of tech savviness. One of the most innovative studios – in terms of programming and their interest in current web standards – is Yoga North.

Yoga North had the tools and resources to make bigger waves in the yoga community. They just needed some direction and best practices put in place. In my freelance work with this studio, I helped them design and implement an ongoing web optimization and content strategy plan that was doable for them and scalable as the need grew. Using a train-the-trainer approach, I metaphorically taught them how to fish per the parable.

Tools: Google Drive, Lucidchart, Google Webmaster Tools, Zoom
Skills: Content strategy, web optimization, user stories

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