NetBackup Beta Program Diary Study

Beta programs afford companies a robust opportunity to gather information about not just the future release, but about their needs, expectations and how their organization is changing and responding to innovation. In my role as a user researcher at Veritas, I designed a diary study for the beta program participants.

Joining forces with the different engineering silos at an enterprise software organization opens up many opportunities to conduct research and add value. One natural area with which to develop a partnership was with the folks running the beta program.

The beta program consisted of an email to participants, inviting them to download the latest beta and submit feedback. By proposing a diary study, we are able to gather qualitative information on the effectiveness of features and contextual information about the efficacy of implementation. We also gain a rich store of subjective data that can be utilized for future recruitment, writing user stories, and inform engineering and customer experience decisions.

Tools: Microsoft PowerPoint, Webex/Zoom, Microsoft OneNote
Skills: User research; user stories

View Beta program proposal.