Writing for Humans, Pt 2

Century College is one of the largest community colleges in Minnesota State system. With over 10,000 students, the website needs to be a resource that allows them to manage their time efficiently and productively.

It can be a challenge to stand out in a sea of community colleges, but Century College is able to do so by the quality of our programs and instructors, supported by the various other divisions of the college as well. When it comes to attracting prospects and helping them move through the pathway to registration and graduation (or transfer), user research shows that it’s most helpful to create a kind of series that tells them what to expect and when.

And sometimes, bullet points don’t cut it.

When giving an overview of how to become a student, the tone easily becomes curt and aggressive while attempting to sound upbeat. Apply! Register! Pay Tuition! These messages are softened by adding supporting content.

My aim in designing this landing page for summer students was to provide quality information that they can use to start their academic journey on the right foot.

Tools: Drupal CMS
Skills: Content strategy, web copy, user stories

writing for humans content strategy minnesota community college