Users, Content & Context for Lean Workflows

Lean Workflows is a small Lean process improvement consultancy in Minnesota, serving higher education, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. I created their website, from content to sourcing imagery, and created a competitive analyses, designed interaction strategies, and an ongoing SEO plan.

When the source information is seriously unlimited, it’s not easy to distill it into a few choice keywords, paragraphs, and design a user flow out of it all.  That was the situation when Lean Workflows, based out of St. Paul, Minnesota, knocked on my door.

Starting with an interview with the CEO and principal, as well as working with a few Microsoft PowerPoint presentations for guidance, I pulled from a massive existing library of Lean resources to identify keywords. I conducted several competitive analyses for each desired industry to get a feel for verbiage and competing messaging.

Relying on the pillars of context, content and users, I arrived at a strategy for implementation and ongoing maintenance scaled to the abilities of a small organization.

View Lean Workflows.

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