Content Generation at Sunrise Packaging

Sunrise Packaging is a Minnesota-based packaging company.  I helped them create and implement a search engine optimization (SEO) plan as well as integrate with a rounded content strategy. 

One of my favorite perks of freelancing is learning about industries which I never really considered before. Sunrise Packaging, located in Blaine, Minnesota, creates custom packaging solutions for a variety of industries. I love being able to visit them in person to see what they’re working on, from soft-touch lamination to interesting new closures.

When I started work with the company, their website was undergoing a refresh and they wanted to ramp up on certain keywords as they shifted direction. I assisted by writing content and helping to create an ongoing content strategy that is malleable and responsive to the evolving packaging market.

Tools: WordPress, Yoast
Skills: Content strategy, blogging, SEO

Main Sunrise websites:

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