Designing a Revolving Door Study

In my role as Web Presence Manager at Century College, I’ve instituted regular sessions to gather user feedback regarding different features of the website and other applications on campus.

In my role as programming director with UXPA-MN, I was lucky to get to meet with a lot of smart people doing cool things. I unabashedly borrowed many of their best ideas and modified them into my work.  One of my favorites is the idea of a revolving door study program.

This is a regularly-occurring monthly usability lab, more or less. The benefits include automatically prioritizing UX at an organization, increasing it’s visibility, as well as promoting research. Not to mention the clear benefits of successful usability tests = informed decisions. We’re fortunate that, as a college, we have a tremendous pool of testers in the form of current students, alumni, prospective students, and so on.

Tools: Drupal, makeshift usability lab, Optimal Workshop, UserZoom
Skills: User research, recurring studies

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