Supporting Student UX with Social Media

As social media became a recognized part of the information pipeline for prospective, current and alumni students at Metropolitan State, I worked to bring it to the forefront of our content strategy and the overall user experience.

I’m not always a sit-and-see kind of girl. So, when our lack of social media presence became glaringly obvious at Metropolitan State University, I worked with our undergraduate admissions office to launch one.

We chose channels that made sense and created a plan around each one. For example, we chose Tumblr as a space in which we could post longer form content, linking from the other channels. To drive engagement from the get-go, I organized a drive to 1000 Facebook followers (by far the most popular network at the time). We utilized mailings via the Oracle RightNow CRM (customer relationship management tool) and integrated the social sharing icons in all student messaging, as well as generated personal, compelling content by asking students around campus to post photos that we could share.

This grew into our second campaign, which focused on students’ posting their favorite ‘Nooks’ on campus for the chance to win a Nook. I hired three interns to help with this campaign. My role focused on creating planning documents and introducing them to various social channel management ideas and methodologies.

  • Tools: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Hootsuite, Oracle RightNow CRM
  • Skills: Project management, social media strategy, user experience strategy