Shoe Review: Mahabis


A few months ago, I posted an image on Instagram of three shoes and asked for opinions on which ones to buy. The brands were Nisolo, Allbirds, and Mahabis.  People gave feedback, I read through other reviews online, and wound up opting to buy both the Allbirds and Mahabis (still less than the single pair from Nisolo…but don’t count them out yet. Ha!) This post will focus on the Mahabis.

Long story short, the jury is still out on these. I still have a few days to make my final decision as to whether to keep or return them, and I’m honestly torn. Here’s what’s up:

  • I was initially drawn to them because of the interesting design and plentiful reviews of comfort they inspired. They are comfortable. And the design is interesting enough that they get quite a few looks. I feel like they’re kind of like pug dogs…either people think they’re great and super cute, or people hate them.
  • Comfort aside, they also provide great support. I have a touch of plantar fasciitis that acts up when I wear heels or bad shoes. None of that here, so that’s awesome.
  • Great quality and craftsmanship.
  • So what could be wrong, right? Well…I don’t know if it’s how I walk, but the shoes keep falling apart. Basically, the interchangeable sole on the bottom slides into the mule-style slipper, and snaps on at the heel.  I’ve watched the Mahabis videos and read the FAQs on how to properly attach the two, but without fail: I’ll be walking around the house and one shoe will come apart. I know they’re not designed for, say, a day of shopping, but it’s hard to justify the cost when I can barely walk out to get the mail without losing half my shoe.

Like I said, I have a few more days to decide if these are for me, but I’m finding myself wearing them less and less. Womp womp. I rarely purchase shoes online from new retailers for precisely these kinds of problems. Trying shoes on in the store allows you the chance to inspect and walk in them. Buying online opens up a whole universe of possibilities, but this is one time when online shopping didn’t work in my favor.

What do you think?

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