Fitbit Blaze Review

FitBit Blaze review

I’ve long been a fan of the Fitbit series, and upgraded from the basic model to the Flex and now the Blaze in the course of a few years. My decision to get the Fitbit Blaze was based on a few different things:

  • Awesome reviews from everyone I know who has one
  • A need to upgrade
  • A desire for more functionality, particularly when it comes to controlling music

So you can see, it’s the perfect storm for going shopping.

FitBit Blaze Pros

The Band: Every other model of FitBit I’ve had used the hole punch with the plastic piece piercing the two strands together model. This upgrade to a watch-style band is much more secure (plus I don’t have to worry about losing the plastic binding piece…which has happened). The band is also interchangeable, bringing back one of my favorite features of the older style FitBit, where you could switch out the tracker for different bands.

Enhancing the Tapping: In older models, tapping took you through the different tracking metrics. With the Blaze, tapping wakes it up but users can swipe and scroll as well in an intuitive fashion. The only part I’m missing is some kind of way to backtrack with a motion instead of resorting to the button on the side.

Smartphone Integration: This is definitely one of my favorite features, and one of the main reasons I wanted to upgrade. While teaching yoga, it’s not always the easiest thing to get over to the sound system to change the song or adjust the volume as necessary. I’m able to access Spotify through the smart watch and adjust volume, move to the next song or a previous one. I can also receive notifications on my watch, which is great to screen calls and texts for how quickly I need to respond.

Everything else: The other features aren’t new to different models of FitBits than the one I previously owned. You can track your heart rate and use GPS and multi-sport tracking features to keep on top of workouts.

FitBit Blaze Cons

Battery Life: Battery life is kind of a moot point at this stage…everything needs to be charged on a schedule, I accept that. But FitBit claims that it can last up to 5 days. I don’t think mine has lasted more than 2 or 3 days before needing to be charged.  Not the worst, but not the best, either. And speaking of charging…

Charger: To charge the Blaze, you have to pop it out of the band and encase it in the pre-formed charger. It doesn’t sound like much, but am the only one who feels that they’re going to snap this thing or break it every time it has to pop out?

Water…Safe?: When something is marketed as water safe, but explicitly NOT waterproof, it makes me doubly nervous about *how* water safe it is. Is it okay to wear during activities, like yoga sculpt, where I get pretty sweaty? Or should I not wear it? But then my activity won’t be tracked? It’s a whole line up of questions. Just make it waterproof and let me live.

Final Perspective

Overall, I’m super happy and pleased with the Blaze. It’s light and the functionality of it works well with my life. Beyond the cons listed, it’s been a pretty solid purchase.


What do you think?

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