Satisfying the La Croix Addiction with Soda Stream

SodaStream from

As if every other piece on this blog wasn’t enough to convince you of my basic-ness (also: see the beginning of this sentence), I love La Croix water.  For the uninitiated, it’s flavored carbonated water. Calorie free, sugar fee, and delicious. But drinking multiple cans a day isn’t the most responsible thing, fiscally or environmentally. Couple this with my husband’s obsession with Cherry Pepsi–we literally have a recycling bin just for aluminum cans. Not to mention fridge space (where, in our double door, space is a premium) and the annoyance of carrying boxes into the house. Before you think it’s because I’m lazy, it’s more because I have a weird hatred of making multiple trips to my car after shopping. I will strain through carrying 10 bags before I concede to making 2 trips.

I had heard of SodaStreams years ago, but didn’t really too much about them. This was pre-carbonated water phase. I researched the flavored options for water, as well as took note that Pepsi sells their Cherry Pepsi syrup for use with the device. We bought the SodaStream off Amazon when it was one of the special deals, and we’re pretty obsessed with it. Here’s why:

  • Variety
    With SodaStream, you make a bottle of what you want to drink, then enjoy. Feel like lemon carbonated water today? Have a glass. Want blackberry tomorrow? Make a glass and enjoy. You’re not stuck with a bulk container of one flavor. Pick up some flavor extracts (love coconut) and play around. It’s even forced my husband out of his Cherry Pepsi phase as we try new syrups and juices, like V8’s fusions.
  • Space
    The space difference of four 8oz bottles versus two 12-packs of water/soda? Yeah.
  • Convenience
    I think I’ve harped on this quite a bit already. From reducing my shopping list to saving fridge space to saving money in the long run (although some analyses claim the SodaStream costs more than buying soda/carbonated water? But this thing has already paid for itself in the few months we’ve had it, so…maybe we just drink A LOT).

I’ll post some of my favorite drink concoctions here later on. If you’ve fallen in love with your SodaStream, leave some ideas below!

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