Career Clothing Review: Stitch Fix

Stitch fix for professional women's clothing

*This will be a recurring post I’ll do on shopping for career clothing/importance/fairness on the subject.*

There’s a lot of information relating to women, and the pressure to dress a certain way for success. Multiple variables come into play when it comes to creating a work wardrobe: style, current fashion, size, career status, industry, etc. No matter what a woman wears, there’s some stereotype that will be attributed to her. Think about Hillary’s iconic pant suits…and that really sums it up in a nutshell.

By comparison, how often to men’s suits change style (well, drastically change style, like women’s clothing)? I’m not saying that men shouldn’t change up their wardrobe as often as women, but there’s less pressure to do so. Check out this piece from the Daily Mail on the gender clothing gap.

It is possible to shop on the cheap. Target, H&M, and others make it easy to put together an updated look with a few stylish pieces, mixed with older blouses or pants. But finding reasonably priced items that will wear and withstand repeated washings? It’s a little harder. I’m embarking on a few reviews to find a solution that works for women across industries.

Now up: Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix & Subscription Box Culture

I won’t make the claim that I’m *too busy* to shop normally, but subscription boxes are an awesome way to discover new products, ideas, and generally be exposed to things you wouldn’t otherwise. Personalization is the biggest sticking point: no one box is perfect for all, and a bad experience probably requires a lot of effort to retain the customer.

Stitch Fix does a great job of working through clothing ideas as much as possible, short of personal contact, by making use of their online questionnaires and Pinterest, to name a few resources. I’ve received…probably 8 or so *fixes* over the past couple years, and I would say they’re batting about .500 with what I keep/send back. There’s always at least one item that I fall in love with when I see it, but for everything I love, there’s always one thing that I a) already have, like black leggings or a red cardigan, b) absolutely know I would never, ever wear it, or c) doesn’t fit right. As a pear-shaped lady, some styles of clothing just weren’t designed for us.

Early on, my biggest complaint was with the quality of the pieces I received. A pair of pants from a brand I had never heard of for $120? A sweater that was literally pilling when I pulled it out of the package for $85? Or a plain white tee for $45…literally the same style/texture as the $8 at Target? I understand that they price so as not to lose on the % saved when someone buys their entire fix, but c’mon.

In later fixes, I’m happy to say that the quality has definitely increased (they also added an option to define the tier at which you wish to shop). The stylists also seem less robotic and more personalized, taking into account comments and responses I’ve sent on previous fixes.  The sizing is also more consistent than in the beginning. Possibly as they’ve gathered more data around how brands fit and customer feedback?

Overall? I recommend giving it a try. At the least, you’re out the styling fee, but I’ve always found at least item to keep.

What do you think?

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