Epitome Skincare

Lash and brow enhancing serum from epitome skincare review

I’ve never been particularly concerned about my eyelashes. They’re very light and fine, as well as short, so I brush a few layers of mascara on them and usually call it a day. I’m not into falsies or volumizing or whatever other marketing buzzwords exist for mascara.

But they’ve always been a secret sticking point. As a former strawberry-blonde, my eyebrows and eyelashes are the two areas that give away my non-natural brunette-ness.  I’ve invested in dying both at times, but the thought of dye so close to my eyeballs weirds me out a little bit.  But, when a friend mentioned a deal going on with Epitome Skincare’s Lash & Brown Enhancing Serum, I opted to try it out.

The deal was this: take a before picture, use the serum, and get a second tube for free after posting on Instagram, tagging Epitome and using their hashtag #eyesbyepitome (it was a Twin Cities Live deal). Plus, my friend had an additional discount, so I had to be a fool not to try it out, and hopefully come to peace with my eyelashes through making them longer, if not permanently darker.

The applicator is a bit like putting nail polish on your eyelashes and eyebrows. It’s not as goopy as I expected, but still thicker than an eye drop. I tend to put it on immediately after turning out the light and putting down the iPad (I tried putting it on and then reading, but my eyes are super sensitive and kept blinking serum into my eye…probably not great). But check it out: top photo, Oct 17, bottom photo, Nov 2.

Epitome Skincare Lash & Brow Serum results

My lashes and brows are coming in much more fuller and heavier. There’s more length – I’ll have to post another progress shot–but I’m in love with it. Try it out and let me know what you think!

PS I was not kidding about my pale eyelashes and eyebrows….

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