Gift Idea: Love Your Melon

Blue speckled beanie from Love Your Melon

I think the first time I had heard of Love Your Melon was from a my older sister’s best friend, who took an adorable photo of herself with the hat on Insta last year.  I followed the link and bought my own. I had an inkling as to what they were about, but was mostly hooked on the hat.

I know, right? I’ll try to remedy it now:

In short, Love Your Melon sells knit hats (and has expanded to shirts and other accessories, but it’s mostly about the hats).The organization was founded in 2012 by UST students, and 50% of all proceeds are donated to nonprofit partners fighting pediatric cancer. According to the website, they’ve donated over $1.5 million dollars and sold over 80K hats.  All of their products are made in America, and for an extra Minnesota connection, the leather patches on their hats is produced at Red Wing Shoe Factory!

Love Your Melon has become something of a fashion staple up here, especially for teenage  and college age girls. In my year of knowing the organization, I’ve bought 2 hats for myself, and 5 for gifts.  The hats are extremely well-made and are easy to clean and care for. They’re durable and that perfect blend of shape and slouch.  The people to whom I’ve gifted the hats love them as well, and I love seeing them post photos all over, proudly wearing Love Your Melon caps.

In addition to the praise above, the reason I love these as gifts is the charitable portion of it. They’re not only trendy, they’re helping people. Ideal for the holidays, no?

Teenage girls are notoriously hard when it comes to gift-giving (well, if you want to give an actual gift and not cash/gift cards). But so far Love Your Melon hats have been a perfect fit…sorry, the puns write themselves sometimes =] And don’t forget to snag one for yourself!


What do you think?

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