Are you there, Alexa? It’s me.

I’m a huge fan of Bob Lefsetz, so when he wrote a post raving about Amazon’s Echo, it pushed me over the edge to buy one. I’ve had my eye on it for a while. As much as I try to stay digitally-agnostic, my husband and I are Prime-Subscribe & Save-One Click fanatics. Yes, I know the arguments against Amazon, but I still patronize local book stores and things…I just really love having paper towels, toilet paper, oatmeal, etc delivered to my door.

We’ve had the Echo for about a week now, and it’s a fun toy. It’s integrated with our Nest system, and we each have our own profiles to switch between. The biggest downside so far? It only recognizes the Spotify account of the primary account holder. The app also seems to get a little confused. For example, if my  husband tells it to add something to his calendar or add something to his shopping list, it’s added to mine, too. Researching a fix now. TBH though, we don’t really use it for more than random party tricks, so it’s not as integrated into my life as I though it would be, and I don’t see it happening.

With the announcement of Google’s own version of deep learning systems, I think I might have to jump ship when it comes out. Device agnostic or not, between Gmail, Youtube, and Google Home, it’s basically running my life at this point.  I’m intensely interested in deep learning, and from my experience, Google is doing it better than anyone.

So it’s back to Best Buy with the Echo (yuppers, I couldn’t even get an Echo until June 1 from Amazon, but walked into Best Buy and picked one up).  If anyone else has worked through the multiple profile/calendar/to do list quandary, let me know below!

What do you think?

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