Analyzing Content

Utterly obsessed versus uninterested. There is no in between.

Confab is happening this week, and I’m so bummed to be missing it (it’s a tad bit spendy for this government gal, especially when we’re faced with some…ahem…cuts coming up soon). So I made do by following my fave contentfolk on Twitter and checking in on my own site.

We did our first ever content audit last year in preparation for the redesign, so what I did this week was more of a content inventory. In Drupal, we use the Views Data Export module to generate current page inventories on demand (I know, right?)  and can choose what fields we want to go with each page. For ours, we’re exporting:

  • Page Title
  • Node ID
  • Path
  • Owner (or content coordinator in our parlance)
  • Type (basic page, webform, etc)
  • SME (I added this one, as it’s not currently tracked in our CMS)
  • Date created
  • Date last updated

This exports as a CSV, which is awesome because in addition to be able to manipulate super easily in Excel, I can also open in Power View to pull reports on who’s updating regularly, who’s not, and other bits-o-fun. It’s also nice to see how many pages we’ve would up adding since launch (it’s fewer than I expected–around 20, which brings our website to just over 200 pages in total. That’s compared to well over 1000 previously. It still blows my mind).

So yes, while I’m over here geeking out in Excel, my peers are geeking out across the city in Minneapolis over content as a whole. I don’t know who’s having MORE fun–okay, yes, I can. It’s them. Definitely them.

What kinds of insights have you found in a content inventory?

What do you think?

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