Book List

So it’s almost 9pm on a pretty productive Wednesday: freelance work is done for the week, successful kick off meeting with inter-agency contract, plus a lead on some more work and meeting on that tomorrow. I *almost* passed up on writing a post for my own blog, but it falls by the wayside way too often. Which is why I’m choosing to do a reading update of  a post instead =D

Finished reading…

…two pretty heavy nonfiction works: a biography on Kick Kennedy and the autobiography of Roberto Canessa, one of the ruby players who survived the Andes plane crash in the 70s.  Of the two, I recommend Canessa’s work a little more; the story of a cannibal cardiologist holds a little more interest than a Anglophile debutante who died too early.

Started reading…

…three things on the docket:

Is it weird that the marketing analytics book is more engaging than the fictional stories on my list?

Next up…

…currently taking tips. I go in phases when it comes to reading fiction; I’ll either consume mounds of it or it just doesn’t hold my attention. I think I’m feeling the latter lately, so pass on all of your nonfiction, business types reads to me.

So far, on my Goodreads list, I’ve got a book on post-Hurricane Katrina stories, a book on the louse that defeated Napoleon’s grand armee, and the memoir of a gravedigger’s daughter…so yeah.

What do you think?

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