Spring Cleaning with thredUP

I’m slowly but surely working my way to a capsule closet. It’s gotten easier for me to toss clothing that I don’t wear – especially impulse buys from Forever 21 that were out of style before I left the store – but the spendier articles are definitely a little harder. Even if I rarely wore it, I hate to see my hard-earned-cash-spent-on-clothing go in a bag on the curb. I’m not looking for a huge payout or anything like that, but some consolation would be nice.

I heard about thredUP through Twitter – someone tweeted a link, and I clicked…you know, like how all good ideas are spread – and it looked interesting. It’s an online consignment site affiliated with Target. They send you a bag, you clean out your closet, and send the bag bag back with a prepaid shipping label. You get your cut in the form of account credits or you can request to cash out in the form of Target gift cards, PayPal transfer or donate to a cause!

For my first bag, I chose some items that weren’t the nearest and dearest to my heart, but 10 items that I just didn’t wear – some dresses, blouses, a random track jacket. When you send the bag back, you can choose to have the items they don’t keep returned to you or have the items recycled responsibly.  After it’s received and processed, you can access your account to see what items they chose to keep.

Screenshot 2016-04-20 at 9.02.51 PM

On average, they keep around 40% of the items sent to them. I really loved how easy it is to navigate their website, and the entire process itself was simple and ideal for wardrobe spring cleaning. Plus, their CMO sends out the cutest email to welcome newcomers to thredUP and invite feedback on the process.  It’s great to see the process go full circle, from filling the bag to seeing your items posted online to getting a little extra money (objectively the most fun part). It’s also clear from the thought put into the experience that it’s an organization focused on creating repeat suppliers/consumers by providing a great experience.

Ready to check it out? Use this link and you’ll get $10 (and so will I)!

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