What skills will you need in 2025?

Don’t worry, it’s not all robots and replacing the word ‘yes’ with affirmative in the distant future.

However, with an estimated 5 millions jobs gone due to automation (and that’s a conservative number), there’s going to be a fundamental shift to the concept of work itself coming up. Here are the 6 skill areas that experts (i.e. Fast Company and Co) predict will grow:

  1. Technology & computational thinking
    Are we data’d out yet? Not by a long shot. And the ability to parse through large amounts of data to come up with recommendations, see patterns, and make sense of of it all is predicted to be one of the most in demand skillsets in the future economy. Perhaps surprisingly the sector with the largest growth in these types of jobs is NOT information technology, but marketing.
  2. Caregiving
    As life expectancy increases (and baby boomers age), so does the the need for those who can provide care. Careers as health coaching, pain coaching, as well as your run of the mill doctors and nurses, are expected to be in high, increasing demand.
  3. Social intelligence and new media literacy
    We’re not quite in the era of ‘Her,’ so until robots do learn soft skills and how to recognize emotion, humans will have to continue to interact – and knowing which tools are most effective for that interaction is a skillset all on its own. It’s estimated that customer service, sales and other human-to-human interaction based roles will continue to grow.
  4. Lifelong learning
    Teaching is a field long overdue for an overhaul, and the rise of lynda.com, Atomic Learning, Sophia Learning, Instructables, Wikipedia, Skillshare, YouTube, and other bite-sized learning sites, users can learn how to practically anything–or look up anything–in a few minutes while they’re sitting on the couch or sitting in a waiting room. But someone still needs to distill and design these courses, and the demand will only increase as the world keeps spinning.
  5. Adaptability and business acumen
    In any era, understanding how business works is key to success, but even more so with the rise of the *gig economy* and moving quickly. Collaboration, project-based work, innovation, and entrepreneurship are all tied into these ideas.

I don’t see a lot of surprises here and, honestly, many of them are areas which have experienced similar trends through time. As the world changes and evolves, so do the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.

What do you think?

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