Scones’n: On-the-go breakfast idea

I’m a weird kind of morning person: I’ll lay in bed til the last possible minutes, then dash up, get ready and get out the door in 20 minutes. But work-wise? Morning is definitely my productive time.  This is why I love working from home, but on days that I have to be in the office, I’m eating breakfast in the car. Toast gets old after a while, so I sought out a new car-ready breakfast.

I can’t tell you the day, time, place, or who even told me this, but somewhere along the way, I picked up the notion that scones are hard to make. It certainly sounded like something that made sense. How could something so airy and light, yet savory and filling, be attainable with my limited baking skills?

Turns out, it more formula than skill(!). I found this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction and modified it slightly. My initial attempt to make coconut yogurt ended up in a thin, coconut-milky not-quite yogurt mess, but I kept the result and have been using it in recipes. I substituted it in this recipe in place of the cream, and it gave the scones a little tangyiness without being overly coconutty. Plus: SUPER moist.

I also skipped the glaze part of the recipe–there’s enough calories in these suckers without adding the sugar–so they aren’t icky sweet with coffee in the am. The sweetness from the sugar and the blueberries are enough, trust me.

The two most important things to remember about the recipe:

  1. Don’t skip on taking the time to freeze the butter, it makes amazing buttery pockets in the baked scone when it melts in the oven. Is this molecular gastronomy yet?
  2. Flour is tricky. The recipe calls for 2 cups, but I use slightly less since the dough picks up more as you’re rolling it out (and even then, I added just a little extra dash of cream/coconut milk). But you literally don’t want the dough to be super wet as you’re rolling it out, or the scones will spread out like cookies when they cook vs. rising upward.
  3. Jk, there are three things: go big on the fresh blueberries. Like, 2 cups big.  You won’t regret it, every blueberry is like a tiny juicy bomb in every bite (so it goes without saying not to overwork the dough, especially when folding in the blueberries).

As Sally says, they are best enjoyed warm and fresh, but they’re freezeable. One batch makes 8 well-sized scones (I use a pizza cutter to cut into triangles, pizza-style).

I absolutely adore the flavor of blueberries with my Velvet Hammer coffee, and the recipe couldn’t be more straightforward. Give it a try and let me know how you customize it!

What do you think?

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