Pinterest To Do: Pantry Organization

Hands up if you’ve got a thousand+ pins on Pinterest, but, like, 5 actual Pinterest projects completed.

I’m not heavily devoted to the Pinterest life of Pin-spiration, but I am a massive fan of organization and storage (because who isn’t?). That was my motivation for getting serious about acting on this pin, and effectively turning my storage from a bunch of half-sealed foodstuffs to something that’s not horrific to look at.

The before. I know, right?

I modified my method from the original poster, Painted Hive, a little bit: I did use the Photoshop file to resize the labels, and also switched out a couple (like instant coffee–gross–for chia seeds, by copying-pasting from a Google search for ‘define chia’ which gave me the actual pronunciation symbols), and I modified my printer settings per some comment suggestions to mid-quality so that less ink was used = no smearing at all.

Instead of the printing on decals-using magic paper-laminating everything, I used Silhouette printable clear sticker paper.  I have an Epson XP 400 inkjet printer, and it printed very nicely on the plastic sheets. I didn’t affix anything else, so I plan to keep on eye on the durability and, if need be, re-print and laminate in the future.

I also had some concerns regarding using the jars recommended in the tutorial. Our kitchen has limited space, and I bake often enough that I need quick access to the foods I’d be storing for efficiency’s sake. I wanted containers which were stackable but not cheap or flimsy, and nothing that would taint the food. After some research (in which Lock & Lock from QVC was the second place choice), I landed on this Oxo Good Grips set, with a few extras. I had concerns about the labels affixing properly to the plastic, but I surreptitiously tried a sample from the in-store display, and it adhered beautifully…I took it off, don’t worry (and didn’t leave any residue, which makes me hopeful that, if (when?) I opt to change the labels, it might need a touch of Goo Gone and that’s it.

The rest is pretty self explanatory: I decided which foods should go in which containers, emptied them into it (and inadvertently cleaned out the cupboards at the same time), stuck on the labels, and voila:


And even better, rather than cluttering up a couple shelves, everything stacks into half of one shelf, without pushing anything too deep for easy retrieval.

*itty bitty living space*

To test out the arrangement, I made my husband’s favorite cookies to test the arrangement.

Who says peanut butter blossoms have to be holiday cookies?

Overall, I’m super pleased with how everything turned out. Huge thanks to Painted Hive for the template and the idea, it feels like a giant step forward into properly adult-ing!


What do you think?

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