Casper, can I keep you?

(This is a possibly new feature for me, discussing more lifestyle-type issues or reviews of things. These types of posts will be categorized under ‘Lifestyle’ going forward! However, not all posts include a Devon Sawa reference in the title. Or maybe they will.)

My husband and I on opposite ends of the sleep spectrum in most regards. I’m a stomach sleeper, he’s a back sleeper. He’s a night owl, I’m an early-to-bed, early-to-riser. He prefers a softer mattress, I like firmer. On top of that, we also have an overweight pug and a nocturnal cat that prowls around–jumping and stepping on me while snuggling up to my husband–that add another layer of sleeplessness to our nights. My husband complained almost daily about his sore back from the spring mattress, and that he work up often in the night. It’s rare that I don’t wake up at night as well, usually around 3am, and thrash around for a good hour before falling asleep again. Like many out there, nighttime anxiety is a huge issue for me.


We’ve tried to compromise with a series of spring mattresses and different pads on top. After considering that foam mattress pads seemed to be the best for both of us, we opted to switch to foam mattress. After reading and researching more, we bit the bullet and bought a Casper.

If you’ve not heard of Casper, their website is worth a gander. It’s slightly idiosyncratic without being overbearing, a little silly, but clear that they take sleep seriously. They’ve even launched a news site focused on sleep called Van Winkles.  The site inspires confidence in the product, and even a cursory search reveals tons of positive reviews. Plus, with a 100 day trial period with free returns, it seemed like the only thing we’d be out would be the time it takes to set it up and, worst case scenario, send it back.

It arrived in a pretty massive box requiring a signature. Inside was a drawstring bag with various instructional materials, a kind of seam ripper, and an adorable card from the packer! The mattress itself was rolled up like a Swiss Cake Roll.  I lugged it into the bedroom and managed to switch out our spring mattress with the giant, rolled up tube that was the Casper (we opted to keep the box spring for the base on top of wooden slats). I used the seam ripper to carefully rip through the bandage wrapping the mattress and helped it unfold. Within a few minutes, the Swiss Cake Roll had unfurled and risen to its full height.

We also purchased the sheets and pillows, but that unpacking was less momentous =]

We’re now about a week into the mattress, and the difference has been pretty impressive. I’ve not had a single nighttime anxiety 3am wake up; nor has my husband. His back pains are nearly gone. According to my Fitbit, I averaged around 18 restless periods every night; on the Casper, I’ve had less than 10 TOTAL for the week. We love the sensation of sinking in to the mattress, we’re definite converts to foam over springs.

However, there is one biggish drawback. I had read that foam retains heat, so they tend to feel hot. Casper’s site mentions that their style of foam mattress mitigates it more than others, but tbh it’s STILL pretty hot. Not quite sweating when I wake up in the morning, but I definitely don’t need the comforter and extra blankets that are usually necessary during Minnesota winter. My husband, on the other hand, who runs hot anyways, is slightly less ok with the heat retention. We’ll see how it goes in the summer!

Overall, we’re pretty pleased for our first foray into foam. Updates to come as we spend more time with our Casper! And if you’re ready to bite the bullet, use this referral code, wouldja?

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