Crossover Roles

Official title: Web Presence Manager

Potential other titles based on duties: Project Manager. UX Designer. Information Architect. Content Strategist. SEO/GA Analyst. Trainer. Mediator. Appeaser.

Crossover roles are nothing new, so please don’t take this post as me whining about being spread thin (especially if Jim is reading this!). My point in writing this is simply in reflection of my last week on the job.

  • Technical training
    We are moving to a drastically different content management structure, one which will require our 6 coordinators to be fairly well-versed not only in updating the website, but also have a foundation in content strategy, user experience, web writing principles, things like that. We’re building unicorns, essentially. So for 10 hours this past week, I wore my technical trainer cap.
  • Project Manager
    We’re officially 2 weeks out from the launch. There are a lot of things that need to be coordinated and tracked to ensure that they’re completed in time (plus the web content manager is leaving for Australia after this week, so tracking her work and making sure that whatever doesn’t get done can be done by one of the remaining folks).
  • UX Designer/Researcher
    On Friday, we opened up the site to a select few employees, and conducted some user research (part of the content coordinator wrap up). The deep dive debrief is happening next week, so I’m looking forward to that, but at this point, it just kind of feels like more work.
  • Content Strategist
    All day, every day when we’re combing through pages, moving bits of content from here to there, and building new sections as we need to (i.e. a High School Options section and additional pages on the transfer process, to name a few).
  • Information Architect
    Do those aforementioned pages make sense in Admissions, or under Transfer Resources, or both? Or neither?
  • Mediator
    A large part of the redesign involves un-silo-ing information and restructuring information from a user journey perspective, like the entering student pathway. While this seems like a no-brainer, many departments are having a hard time understanding why a site built on internal structure is a bad idea, so concessions and mediation has become a major part of my role.
  • Appeaser
    Why are we doing this? Why shouldn’t we do this? Can we do this instead/meet the need in this way?

With the launch set for December 21, the workload might ease up for the week leading up to the holiday break.  Fingers crossed.

How do you stay sane in your crossover role? Suggestions needed plz.

What do you think?

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