Taking My Own Advice

I’ve gone through life fairly unobtrusively, I think. I do work, I do things that make me happy; some of them garner attention, some of them float into space unnoticed, most of them as ephemeral as life itself. This blog is one of those things. It’s a place to pen thoughts, lessons, musings, etc. I welcome comments and discussions that relate to the post. I don’t welcome unrelated solicitations and coarse language.

Which is why, a few months ago, I opted to hide the blog and stop posting.

The need to constantly moderate was frustrating, and the source of the comments was unrelentless. I admit, it was hardly to the level of internet bullying or misogyny faced by other female tech bloggers, but enough for me to opt for a break and see what it meant to stop for a bit. Besides, I wasn’t a frequent blogger.

A few months ago, I posted on communication, and the importance of articulation (Speaking Up & Out).  While the post doesn’t specifically relate to the reasons for why I opted to break from blogging for a bit, re-reading it reminded me of why *I* originally wanted this outlet, and that a little moderation is well worth the price of publishing.

What do you think?

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