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Keep Calm and Love Your Computer

I presented recently at the MnSCU ITS conference on communicating within ITS (The Medium is the Message, thank you Mr. McLuhan), and the conversation turned toward communicating with students. One campus mentioned that they’ve started putting on a ‘Love Your Computer’ week, during which they host events, open forums, etc geared toward introducing students to Information Technology services, staff, and groups on campus. It sounds awesome, and so I researched what other campuses do–for example

–and have started planning our own. Our event will share the goal of introducing students to ITS services and products, but we’re also partnering with our student group, Century College Information Technology Association, to leverage their expertise as students and savvy tech folk.

We’re planning for an afternoon, trade-show kind of affair with some light nosh/drinks and 20 minute presentations running on how to do things like set up a VPN network or iOS/Android features. Swag is still up in the air =]

Have you organized a similar event? What recommendations can you share?

What do you think?

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