The *Prezume* – More Style Than Substance?

Meghan Hatalla's prezume

So…I love Prezi.

I think it’s fun, and it can be a great tool when used appropriately. When I do big presentations, I’ll usually stick to MS PowerPoint for a lot of reasons (industry standard, it will always run smoothly, etc), but for smaller, more informal sessions, Prezi is my go-to. Especially now that iPad functionality has been drastically expanded. But even beyond presentations (which, in the wrong hands, can be queasy, unpleasant journeys of the stomach), I’ve noticed an uptick in more creative uses for Prezi. Like the prezume.

A portmanteau of Prezi and resume, the exact function of the prezume is a bit mysterious to me. But that didn’t stop me from making one, naturally.

And even though I’m a fan of Prezi in general, I don’t think I’m a fan of this medium for this purpose.

A resume has one essential purpose: to attractively convey the very best qualities of a person. Depending on the person, they might be brief and just under a page, or take the CV route and roll on for reams. One of the most key factors is scannability; if someone (or some bot, so it goes) were to glimpse through this, would they pick up on enough keywords to interview/hire/chat with me? And this is the biggest area where the prezume falls short. I, and I think most folks, don’t have the time to even read a paper resume in full, much less peruse a full on prezume with zooms, YouTube videos, work examples, and everything else that’s possible. It’s one of those weird areas where the more complicated it is and the more work is put into it, the less it becomes likely that anyone would spend the time to look at it and give it the attention it deserves.

However. Having said that, I did have fun making mine, and I think it would be useful supplemental information in certain circumstances. How else might one make a prezume useful?


  1. I’m kind of stumped. I think you’re spot on that resumes are scanned at best. As a hiring manager, you just don’t have the time or the stamina to really give them all their due. But maybe that’s because they’re all so monotonous and something like the prezume mixes it up? But again, I think it comes down to the time investment. So, yeah, not really adding any value with this comment. Sorry. 😉


    1. Haha, no worries! I think you share my ambivalence toward them–it’s fun to play with it and make it, and it’s a cool thing to walk through versus a plain, paper resume…but who’s got the time?


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