Positive interactions and your brand (also, why Stickygram is the best ever)

I’ll do my best not to turn this into a lovefest with a company, but here goes.

Too often, we hear about the negative side of customer service  and shipping. I think Buzzfeed and Reddit thrive off things like this Amazon support chat or the FedEx delivery driver who tossed a TV. As the number of days to Christmas dwindle, tempers and tensions start to flare a little more.

That’s kind of how I was feeling when I ordered a set of magnets and a phone case from Stickygram, and received the magnets when stated…but not the phone case. One week before Christmas, I started to get a wee bit nervous, and responded to the shipment notification stating that I hadn’t received the phone case, that it was a Christmas present, yada yada yada.

Less than 30 minutes later, I received this notification that a ticket was already opened and being investigated:

Stickygram ticketAnd when I woke up the next morning, I had a personalized email from an associate named Harms, who wanted to verify my shipping address and which item hadn’t arrived, and that everything would be taken care from that point.

Amazing, right?

There are a few points that really made the service stand out:

  1. Speed
    I had an issue resolved in less than 24 hours. Literally while I was sleeping, almost. The sooner you can remedy a bad situation, the more likely you are to save a customer, and turn them into an advocate.
  2. Competency
    Harms knew *exactly* what I had ordered and my history with the company, even if there were aspects that they couldn’t know about the missing order. By approaching the situation with knowledge, it helped build an immediate rapport, and I trusted the person on the other side of the email enough to divulge more information. It felt like a team effort, not me vs. them, which happens all too often in these types of situations.
  3. Personalization
    Building off the last point, by acknowledging me as a person and my previous purchase history, I didn’t feel like *just* another customer. People get angry when they feel that their issues aren’t being met, and that’s where things (understandably) can escalate. By addressing me by name and responding personally, I felt that they respected me and the issue that had come up. By not blaming me or anyone, it didn’t drive me to blame anything or anyone else, either.

So there it is. Harms & Stickygram, keep up the good work. You’re doing it right =] Although it makes me just a little sad that positive examples seem to be so few and far between, so let’s celebrate great customer service. What’s a standout story you’ve experienced?



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