Accessibility 101

When I started my career in higher education all of three years ago, WCAG, Section 508 integration, and accessible content for all was hot–pardon the metaphor, but you couldn’t swing  a dead cat without hitting on it in the web world–but the activism seems to have died down in recent days. However, at my current position, there’s been renewed interest in the topic, particularly in light of several lawsuits hitting the news where institutions either weren’t able or chose not to comply with regulations (at least to someone’s particular circumstances).

Naturally, I’ve been tasked with the actionable part of the part (i.e. I get called in once someone decides it’s time to move the discussion past the Board of Shadowy Figures).  I’m fortunate to have a web-based background in the topic as well as a great network of peeps to call upon (especially Ruh Global, LLC’s Debra Ruh, aka @debraruh, who’s a global expert on the topic of the intersection between accessibility and ICT). Debra graciously shared her slides and other resources with me, and I’m excited to move my institution forward into new territory and hopefully into the forefront of the topic as it pertains into higher education.  No pressure, right?

Tomorrow marks the first session on the topic, and I’ve got a lot of people from different areas of the college attending, including faculty, counselors, admissions, and student services.  I’m looking forward to testing out different strategies, getting feedback, and putting together something that can be used and prove helpful for many students…some educational curb cuts, if you will =]

As with everything I put together, knowledge disintermediation will play a huge role in the wider roll-out of the initiative. So far, I’ve collected a variety of resources for folks to check out–if you have a suggestion of something I should add, please let me know in the comments!

Accessibility Resources​

Tools and​ guides:

Articles and​ webinars:



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