Coin makes FAQs FUN!

Long lists of FAQs are usually a pain in the a$$, but Coin (a kind of card that collates all your cards) makes them something you want to read through. Thanks to Content Strategist for the find!

Below are some cherry-picked favorites amongst more serious FAQs. They’re organized according to type (General, Security, etc) and appropriately (meaning the Security section has no jokes). I love that they’re able to have fun and still deliver the messages they want.

Q. What are the rules?

A. We want this to work in your favor but there are a few rules. This isn’t Thunder Dome.

Q. Can I use my own referral code?

A. Clever, but no.

Q. Which is better: Tiger or Monkey style Kung Fu?

A. Depends on the terrain.

Q. Will the referrer be notified when I use his code?

A. When a referral is successfully processed the referrer is notified that…someone…has used his/her referral link. However, the identity of The Masked Referrer is forever a mystery! Unless, of course, you tell them it was you.

Q. Is Coin waterproof?

A. Coins are water resistant but not waterproof. If you spill your coffee or juice box on your Coin it’s probably no big deal. If you put it through the washer or take it swimming your Coin will likely cease to function as designed.

Q. My soufflés keep collapsing! What can I do?

A. In order for the meringue to peak properly we suggest adding a little lemon juice to the béchamel. This strengthens the mixture and prevents tragedy.


    1. Thanks, Phil! I was just thinking of you and Klever. I recommended the ball exercise that you used in the session (imagine I’m throwing a big blue ball at you, then adding more) to a fellow trainer yesterday to illustrate a concept =] I hope you’re doing well!


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