Is an unwillingness to help stalling your project?

In my experience, it depends on the organization, but it’s usually generated out of fear–that they’ll be blamed for something, or it’s not in their PD and they’ll be reprimanded, or that they’ll be expected tot take on extra work, etc. I think one way around it is to gain trust first, then focus on process. You’re here to make life easier, and not harder for them.


I came across an interesting problem today.

One of my project managers was endeavouring to unearth background information on a previously delivered project (I know lessons learned may have been a useful start…but nothing had been previously captured, nor documented).

During his investigations he had been directed to six people, all of whom had previously departed the particular business area for “greener pastures”. Surprisingly only one had recently left to commence a role with another firm, the remaining five had thankfully transferred internally.

He was confident that with so many people remaining within the company he would easily obtain the information he required.

After several days his efforts proved futile.

It appears that the names he had been were correct. Also that these people certainly had knowledge about the project. Unfortunately they were apparently reluctant to fully share the information.

The conversations that he had with them were kept brief and to…

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