Pinterest = Productivity

Like every other twenty-something lady with a computer and expendable income, I’m on Pinterest. I wouldn’t say addicted. I go in streaks where I’ll be on the site for an hour while ‘Mad Men’ repeats run the background (usually Sunday mornings…). And then I’ll forget about it for a week or two, then hop back on.

I’m not on it, but I’ve not forgotten it. I read a lot about how people pin the impossible (literally “pinning their hopes and dreams”) or pin things without a purpose. I’ve been in a few conversations with people who say they don’t really get it; why spend time pinning when you could be doing?

And this is where my personal habits come into play.

Social media is highly subjective; some use it like a megaphone, others to vent, and others to just keep tabs on what everyone else is saying or doing (or saying they’re doing).  For me, it’s inspiration. I like engaging with people who are creative and innovative without regards to pesky things like time, distance, ideology, culture, or any of those other things that tend to come between people in a physical sense. Social media turns what might have just been local conversations into global ones. It can make a small idea blow up into something even bigger and better as folks take it, adapt, and spread. It’s diffusion in human form.

Which brings me to Pinterest.

There’s no right or wrong way to use the platform (well, Pinterest guidelines *do* have some rules, but besides).  As the above paragraph intimates, I use Pinterest primarily for productivity. It’s not a time-waster if it induces action.  I steer clear of the suggested standard boards and try to curate content that’s both reflective of me and motivates me. There’s no “Fight Club”, special snowflake mentality to it, but in this day and age of social transparency, it’s important to audit yourself and the channels in which you partake, and figure out if that’s what you want to present to the world.  I think if someone were to check out my boards, they might assume that:

Is it accurate? Does it matter? It doesn’t, as long as you do something with it.

What do you think?

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