Me in a nutshell (according to

I recently received access to, a new Myers-Brigg-ish type personality testing site that also assesses things like cultural fit, peer fit, etc…it’s a proprietary psychometric algorithm (I know, right?) But I have some free invites left, so go ahead and sign up, and lets see how we measure up!

In the meantime, here are my results. I think they’re pretty accurate: - Meghan's personality


Independent, Idea-generator, Creative, Strong-willed, Energetic, Authoritative

The Classic Straight Shooter
Decisive, strong-willed and authoritative, the Straight Shooter has a clear vision of how things should be done. They are a logical thinker who dislikes uncertainty, willy-nilly behavior, and phrases like willy-nilly.

The Classic Strategist
To the Strategist, life is a game of chess, and they intend to win. An independent and creative thinker who likes to execute a calculated plan, they have high standards, a strong work ethic and a natural, laid-back authority.

The Classic Inventor
Highly curious and creative, the Inventor approaches problems as exciting intellectual puzzles. Like any proper mad scientist, they enjoy working independently and perform best when given free range to explore issues.


Rocket ship!

Ready to take on the final frontier with gusto, the Intergalactic Explorers are a creative, innovative, and competitive group. Swapping happy hour for training seminars, the Intergalactic Explorers emphasize individual achievement – employees must keep up or risk getting sent back to Space Camp. This cut-throat environment has a highly structured employment hierarchy and those that win the race can expect handsome rewards.


You tend to be conscientious, accurate, and methodical. You like to stick to the plan. You are likely to be well-organized. You are good with deadlines. You tend to always meet your obligations. You will more often than not do your share of the work. You hate to let others down. You are likely to be a team player who doesn’t seek personal glory. You prefer your role to be clearly defined.

You are likely to be a dominant leader. You prefer to direct as opposed to be directed. You have a sense of urgency about your objectives. You expect high standards from people around you. You are unafraid to voice your opinion to help your team’s goals. You are driven by being successful. You may need extra convincing to accept an alternate point of view.

What do you think?

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