Oh you Fancy, huh?

So have you joined Fancy yet?

Much like Pinterest, Fancy is a social photo-sharing site of products found around the web (some of it is cool and some is a little kooky, like a motorized cooler you can ride…which I totally want). Rather than Like or Repin, though, Fancy allows you to tag things as ‘Fancy’d’ then add it to a list (aka Pinterest board) but then again tag it as a ‘Want.’ Where it begins to differ from Pinterest is the adorably dangerous tab at the top called Shop.


Fancy will peruse your fancy’d items and recommend different things for you to purchase. Or if you’d rather not, you can elect to just have a box sent to you for the bargain price of $39 + shipping (with the promise that it contains over $80 worth of goodies…I’m dying to start receiving the Coco Rocha Fancy items, but $39 every month is a titch spendy for not knowing what’s coming) Ashton Kutcher, Pink, and other celebs also have their own Fancy boxes. .

Despite their similarities, Fancy strikes me as the anti-Pinterest. Pinterest is a crafty DIYer’s paradise.  Fancy says Skip all that hard work (because let’s face it, your homemade lip balm is just going to taste, smell and feel like melted crayon) and purchase the luxury products already. Before you cry economic crisis: American Express and Will Smith (a dynamic capital duo if there ever was one) are apparently investing $53 million buckaroos into Fancy, and the site as a whole is valued at $600 million, AND has the aforementioned celeb endorsements via Fancy boxes.

Granted, Pinterest is valued at over $2.5 billion, so Fancy isn’t quite the serious competitor yet. There’s also the element of the Creator on Pinterest, which isn’t quite there on Fancy (Pew defines Creators as those who generate content–46% of internet users). However, the other half of the Creator is the Curator (those who repin or in some way evangelize the Creator’s work–41% of internet users).

Photos and videos have become powerful online currency, and it’ll be interesting to see how a site like Fancy (and the inevitable imitators) turn this into tangible, exchangeable profits.

What do you think?

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