La Dolce Duck Commander: How Duck Dynasty Teaches Us About da Vinci

Tomorrow night is the 5th Ignite Minneapolis event, and I’m incredibly excited to present “La Dolce Duck Commander: How Duck Dynasty Teaches Us About da Vinci.” If you’re unfamiliar with Ignite, basically it’s a collection of local folks who are passionate about an idea or premise, and are given 5 minutes to talk about it in front of sold-out audiences at the Heights Theater. The catch, besides the timeframe, is that each speaker must make a 20-slide deck and each slide will auto-advance every 15 seconds. Hence the tagline: Enlighten us.  But make it quick. 

da Vinci and Phil Robertson
See? This thing writes itself.

Here’s a snippet from my proposal to give you better idea exactly how  this will work:

For nearly all, Leonardo da Vinci is at the top of the Old Masters, an unimaginable genius and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles namesake.

For most us, Duck Dynasty is a redneck, trashy TV show with a bunch or attention whoring buffoons with long beards made up of papa Phil with sons Jase and Willie at the center of most episodes, sometimes with *crazy* Uncle Si along for the ride, too.

However, there’s a method to their buffoonery, and I belief that method is reflected in da Vinci’s 7 principles for living and enhancing your understanding of the world you live in.

Even though the event is sold out, there is a wait list for those who’d like to attend. There are a whole lotta other cool presentations that I can’t wait to hear, plus…FREE BEER.

I’ll post my slides Thursday or Friday Slides are embedded below. But if you want to get a jump on living like da Vinci, check out Michael Gelb’s book on the subject–it’s part instruction, part workbook–and start living the principles!

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