Feedback requested: Web part mock ups

One project I’m working on that is FINALLY getting some traction is the one stop page. ITS has a webpage that is basically a bunch of PDFs, and as I tried to whittle them down, I came across one that’s basically a bunch of information about other departments. I dislike this because

  1. ITS shouldn’t be responsible for updating it in accordance with the content management structure, so why are we housing it?
  2. It’s static. I hate PDFs for information sharing for a lot of reasons unless there’s a strictly-adhered-to document control strategy (which there is not here), and this one hasn’t been updated since 2011. No lie. 
  3. It’s opportunity to do something more interactive that not only directs students to the correct place, but also how to navigate the website.

So we’re revising the page to use some different style elements. Here are some of the design elements the team contrived:

ImageI like the simplicity and cleanness of this box, but the color is a little flat.

ImageThis one is the most stylized of the options. The overall look works well with the page as a whole as it emulates the design throughout the site, but it might be too overwhelming if every box uses the layout.

ImageI like the use of color in this one, since the blue on gray adds differentiation without over designing.However, I’m not in love with the thick/skinny borders on the left/right.

ImageToo much blue? I’d like to see this one with the gray and blue switched. I think it could be a winner.

What do you think? Which one is your favorite?


Here’s a screenshot of all the options together on the page where they would appear:



  1. Seeing it all on its own I’d say the last one, although I agree with you the colors in the third example look very good. However without a clear idea of how it’ll look as part of the page I can’t be entirely sure.


What do you think?

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