Flipped Classroom: Sophia.com

A few years ago (wow, it really doesn’t seem that long ago!) I answered an ad I saw on craigslist.com asking for teachers, tutors, educators of any sort to contribute content to a new elearning website. I attended an info section, and that’s how I was introduced to the Minneapolis-based Sophia.

Since then, Sophia has grown massively:

  • Over 28,000 tutorials 
  • A ‘Pathways for College Credit’ track
  • Partnerships with Bill Nye (yes, the science guy), Capella University, Mayo Clinic, and others
  • A plethora of grants

Sophia’s main goal is to close both the achievement and affordability gap. In a sense it’s like a shortened, chunk-able Coursera. Sophia is made up of tutorials designed to take around 15-20 minutes to complete, some longer depending on the content and how in depth the student chooses to go, but all based on the flipped classroom model. The flipped classroom model basically gives students things to do from home–read a chapter, learn something–and then when they come into the classroom, they work on or apply what they read about.

Despite not having contributed for quite some time, I had fun creating tutorials on some of my favorite subjects that I researched during my graduate degree, and some different ones since (Shakespeare, Plato, and some others were especially fun). Sophia also does a  great job of keeping those who aren’t as engaged in touch with their community via email, and providing opportunities like this one to “Discover Your Learning Style.” Here are my results:

ImageHow do YOU want to learn?

What do you think?

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