Reading List

I’m feeling literally up to my eyeballs in projects lately (prepping for new trainings next week, presenting 2 different presentations at 2 conferences in the next 2 weeks, textbook proposal deadline looming, closing out a contract project, AND trying to read as much Mental Floss in prep for Trivia Mafia’s Spring Invitational Tournament), and the ability to zero down on a single blog topic is not happening. So I thought I would detox by blogging about my favorite detox activity: reading.

I typically read multiple books at once to sate whatever craving I have–usually a nonfiction, fiction, and a professional development-type book–and thanks to Goodreads, I can tag everything I want to read as well as what I have read.

  • Read
    Lost City of Z – I was on a huge antarctic exploration kick, and the anthropology head loaned me this book on Colonel Fawcett, a British explorer of the Amazon who was eventually swallowed up by the rainforest along with his son and son’s best friend. The book follows the obsession with Fawcett, who’s something of a cult figure.
    World War Z – The movie is coming out soon, but it looks terrible, so pick up the book instead. It takes place 10 years after the end of the zombie apocalypse, and chronicles via interviews how humankind made a comeback.
    Predictably Irrational – Rereading in preparation for Dan Ariely’s MOOC on irrationality. Obviously, I highly recommend it =]
  • Currently reading
    Tiny Beautiful Things – I typically shy away from book club reads, but I’m so in love with this one. It’s a collection of advice columns from ‘Sugar’ who’s as sweet as her name but doles out advice like R. Lee Emery. Keep tissues handy.
    How We Decide – I’m only a chapter in so far, but it describes how our minds process information and make split-second decisions based on information or emotion. It was written by Jonah Lehrer, and I heard that the book was actually taken off the market due to some questionable content…so not sure I’ll finish this one if I can’t apply anything.
  • On deck
    Oh, about a million different ones…Ready Player One, Lean In, Drinking with Men, Daring Greatly, The Big Miss, Overthrow, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me

If you have any suggestions to add or help me narrow down what to read next, let me know, and feel free to connect with me on Goodreads!

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