Caught on Film

With the budget woes affecting higher ed all over the place, pretty much the only way I’m going to get to go to any conferences this year will be if I have some sort of affiliation–in other words, presenting in some function at the conference.  For me, there’s nothing more invigorating than networking and exchanging ideas, so I’ve been (pardon the phrase) pimping my work in conference proposals left and right.

One of the conferences I’m dying to go to is Confab Higher Ed, which is to be held in Atlanta this November. Content strategy is a diverse field that touches on a lot of different aspects in higher education, which is long overdue for an overhaul of how it processes/disseminates/distributes information.  I glossed over the call for proposals a month or so ago, stewed on what I want to present and what would fit the conference, and finally settled on a very recent project around my institution’s implementation plan for student credentials.

I wrote it out, planned my bio, gathered together my recent speaking experience, and was set to submit when–BLAMMO:


I needed to submit a video of myself speaking. As a technical trainer, I realized it’s actually odd that I don’t have any videos prepared of myself at least hosting an Adobe Connect session or something, but all the same: I didn’t have anything. So I opted for a quick, 4 minute description of my talk, filmed with my iPad sitting at my kitchen table. Here’s the result:

I committed a horrible foul with it, though: I filmed it, uploaded it, and THEN watched it. I know that my voice has this weird modulation where it goes up-and-down-and-gets-a-little-queasy when I’m nervous, but I’ve gotten to the point to when I’m training, I don’t do it, but something about filming made me a titch nervous….and it comes through more than I’d like. I feel like I reverted to my old undergraduate self, when I had this insane inability to edit my own papers (don’t get me wrong–I can rip apart bad writing with a slash of pen or a keystroke in Microsoft Word track changes–but reading my own words was torture). As a result, I would put papers off until the night before when there literally was *no* time to edit. I’ve gotten better with time, but the tendency remains to my detriment.

In the future, I’ll refer to these handy tips on things like headroom, framing, and background. Do you review film of yourself often? What tips do you have?

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