Cart? Check!

For the past two days, I’ve been working on cart check detail–basically, teams of 2 visit every classroom on campus and complete a SharePoint form for each room that notes:

  • How long it takes a computer to start up and load MS PowerPoint;
  • That all relevant equipment is present and in working condition (i.e. wireless presenter has batteries, the webcam is connected, etc);
  • And so on.

Taking note of these metrics helps IT not only benchmark progress, but also aids us in talking to constituents who claim that *their* cart in xxxx classroom took 10 minutes to load. It’s good to be able to say “Well, when we timed it over winter break, it only took one minute and 30 seconds to load…but we’d be more than happy to meet you and time it again?”

Apparently, 99% of people drop the issue, and the other 1% are proven wrong when they actually measure the length of time it *really* takes.

Having just wrapped up my first week here, it’s doubly nice for me to see firsthand what equipment is available in EVERY classroom, and also to help build expectations around how people can use the equipment (*as well as get to know the campus better). There are lots of innovative ways to use things, and from what I hear, there hasn’t been any formalized training around a lot of the tools. It’s what my former boss would call an “easy win.”

So, while I originally thought this was a crazy waste of time and resources, I was proved pleasantly wrong. Lesson from this experience: when you work as a trainer, no learning experience is out of your PD.