Value of Working For A Mission

Minnesota State just released an interesting document of “extraordinary facts” as well that provides even more background on the value of the Minnesota State college and university system, particularly as it relates to the workforce in Minnesota. It’s related to their #mnleg #fundminnesotastate initiative (although why they didn’t choose #fundmnstate is beyond me).

Spotify + Wellness: Yoga Class Playlists

My first yoga class is tonight, and here’s my first playlist: My class is one hour long, and I’m aiming for no words for the most part (until the end, with Auld Lang Syne, since it’s the new year and all that jazz). I have a few picks at the end that I’ll toss in…

Satisfying the La Croix Addiction with Soda Stream

As if every other piece on this blog wasn’t enough to convince you of my basic-ness (also: see the beginning of this sentence), I love La Croix water.  For the uninitiated, it’s flavored carbonated water. Calorie free, sugar fee, and delicious. But drinking multiple cans a day isn’t the most responsible thing, fiscally or environmentally….

Career Clothing Review: Stitch Fix

It is possible to shop on the cheap. Target, H&M, and others make it easy to put together an updated look with a few stylish pieces, mixed with older blouses or pants. But finding reasonably priced items that will wear and withstand repeated washings? It’s a little harder. I’m embarking on a few reviews to find a solution that works for women across industries.

Now up: Stitch Fix